In the course of building up his portfolio

Tenderly, he speaks of the generosity of his parents who have allowed him to follow his dreams. His father taught him an important lesson: “Don’t live your life, doing a job you don’t like five days a week, just to rest and enjoy a two-day weekend, find a job you love.” With this encouragement he moved to London at the end of the ’70s.In London he went to photography school. It was his third study and found out he had skills and could combine it with his passion for fashion. Yet, it was hard to survive as a student in London and Testino worked on the side as a waiter. Most of his colleagues were aspiring actors and models without a portfolio, whom he helped, creating a portfolio of his own.
In the course of building up his portfolio, he realized he needed more equipment, such as lights. He shared the story in the auditorium of the MALBA yesterday: “I remember calling up the bank and just asking them for a loan. I did not have anything, but they granted it to me.” “Yes,” he adds, “it’s true it has to do with seduction and conviction. I am a fighter.”Being able to seduce comes in quite handy in photography, especially when the goal is to sell fashion.But there were other hurdles to overcomeDiscount White satin sweatheart Beaded Applique a-line wedding dresses party dressTestino has worked for major labels such as Gucci,and breastfeeding her and smelling her baby smellWholesale Cheap Taffeta strapless Embroidery beaded Quinceanera Dresses DE2130. Dolce and Gabbana and Versace. He was therefore all the more surprised when he was asked to portray Princess Diana a photo shoot that would change his life.In recent years she became a Meningitis Trust ambassadorWholesale Cheap New Arrival Cheap One-Shoulder A-Line Elegant Chiffon A-Line Wedding Dress“To be honest,” he says, “I found it a problem, aside from an honour. I knew how to bring out the clothes in the most beautiful way, but did not consider myself a portrait photographer. How did I have to do this?” It so appeared it was about clothes; Princess Diana had invited him, as she was going to show and sell her dresses for a good cause. Not only did the shoot itself, and following this, requests from other European royals, mark Testino and his career, the gesture itself marked him too. He added the income of this photo shoot to the donation raised from selling the dresses and has not stopped philanthropy ever since.

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