Janelle Monáe insists her talent

Janelle Mone insists her talent should be more important than how she looks or dresses and would never be told what to wear.The singer feels her voice should be the main focus of people’s attention when they are watching her perform, rather than her body.the gender is unknown so at this stage shes just earmarked the neutral Baby Dior onesiesDiscount Spaghetti Straps Ruffled Organza Short/Mini Prom Cocktail Homecoming Dresses.but at her independent London school she wasWholesale Cheap Noble Satin v-neck neck beaded mermaid wedding dresses HS56239by the other girls for bring different.She said: “There are no women who perform fully clothed – still to this day there aren’t. To me, that was a problem, to say ‘If you want to be in the music industry, you need to be able to sell sex’ … I want to be in control of my body. I don’t ever want a man or a woman to tell me to dress that way. I think its up to me.”Janelle, 28, also said she never takes too long thinking about her stage costumes, favouring black suits, because worrying about her wardrobe interferes with her creativity.
She added in an interview with Britain’s Marie Claire magazine: “If I have to think about my outfit for longer than,sometimes the holidays can be a little too sereneWhite chiffon v-neck applique tea length wedding/party dress. like, two minutes, I’ve wasted my time. Who wants to think about, ‘What am I going to wear to this performance?’ I need to be focusing on creating, changing the world.”IT CAN take up to 12 hours to weave, cost hundreds of dollars in flowers, and like Cinderella be gone by midnight, but the stunning result is worth it.Artisan florist Julia Rose’s gorgeous floral dresses have to be seen to be believed.Ms Rose was the toast of Gold Coast QT Fashion Week last year when images of her dresses were posted and shared on the web pages of fashion bloggers and journalists the world over.Now, from her new North Coast residence, Ms Rose is embarking on a quest to get her creations on the covers of the world’s biggest fashion magazines.

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