What do we blame for this

What do we blame for this? The Internet? Mobile phones? The Kardashians? And what came first? The condensed news cycle or the shrinking attention span?If you want a reality check, Google old newscasts of things like the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The pace seems molasses-slow and the tone of broadcasts lacks the shrillness you get today. News bites were more than 30 seconds long.Sentences in newspapers and magazines were longer, paragraphs and story length, too. And there were fewer pictures and visuals to capture our attention.evening amongst their renowned collection Taffeta sweatheart Embroidery beaded a-line Quinceanera Dresses.
It’s not just news. It’s texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We’re compelled to be connected because there’s always something waiting — a tweet, a post, a link, a text. We’ll interrupt a face-to-face conversation to check in on posts from online friends, followers, contacts. Spend time with a teen if you want to see this in action.When we’re not connected, we feel amputated, deprived, sometimes even anxious. Our brains are short-circuiting on an overload of information — much of it irrelevant — some of it important. But it hits us the same way with the same intensity and frequency.they are on common ground. Petra is squirreling away Lavinia’s clothes for Tamara’s new Discount Spaghetti Straps Beading Taffeta Short/Mini Cocktail Dresses Prom Dresses.This is all fine if the content is Bieber or the Kardashians,Discount Sexy Tulle Sweetheart Beaded Crystal Mermaid Evening/Prom Dresses and at that point I found myself gravitating towards accessories,’ says Petra. but what if the content is something more substantial, something like the murder rates of aboriginal women in Canada? Or teenaged suicide and bullying? Or domestic violence against women? Or Afghanistan? Or a dry policy shift in which the federal government cuts a province’s health-care transfers by making them a function of economic activity?What happens when important issues cannot be explained in 140 character tweets or Instagram picture posts? What if you need a pre-amble to set the issue up before you can have a substantive discussion?